January 14, 2014

#15 in NYC: Recharge at the MOMA

I started to fall, and I was falling hard, falling fast. I was headed deep into a pool of self-imposed pressure. 

I said yes to this, of course to that, so I could do it all and learn it all.

I want to be excellent.
I have to be excellent.
But I was quickly learning that it's impossible to be excellent while drowning.

I was becoming a person I'm not. I heard, saw, and felt less. I found myself uninspired because I couldn't recognize inspiration.

So I went to the Museum of Modern Art to detach and recharge.

When I stood too close to the large canvases, all I could see were the brush strokes in disarray and the modge podge of colors. 

But with a few steps back, I could begin to see...

...water lilies.

All I needed... a few steps back.

1 comment:

  1. love this post! How true it is when we just caught up with our day-today activities we completely get lost. I too learned over the years that there are times I need to find pieces of myself and put them together to identify who I really am I have been there girl, but life is all good when we take one step at a time:) Hugs xxx! I am sure you will try to balance things out too. All the best!